When Eastenders creators Tony Holland and 
Julia Smith revived ‘District Nurse’ with
Nerys Hughes, they asked me to join the team,
​and I got the chance to write for one of my favourite actors, the marvelous Freddie Jones.
‘Eastenders’ which featured Angie and Den as the pub landlords from hell. 

       A few years ago I wrote my first novel, 'CHICAGO MAY' inspired by the true story of a young Irish girl who ran away from home to seek a new life in America, and followed it up by writing 'BIRTH OF THE MALL RATS',  a novel of the early 'Tribe' series.  In between times I collaborated with my wife, Chris, on a tongue-in-cheek memoir of her career as a prison governor, called ´JAIL TALES'. I have just finished the first draft of a new novel set against the backdrop of the 1950's Cuban revolution.   This will be published in early 2022. 

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Someone Said eleven ttat success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. I could add a great slice of luck! Being in the right place at the right time is crucial. Certainly it was for me. Luck, and not taking 'no 'for an answer.
After a short spell as an art teacher, in 1970 I joined the recently opened Spring Street Theatre, founded in Hull by playwright Alan Plater. I worked there for ten years as set designer, company manager, director and writer for the rep and youth theaters. In addition I had two spells company manager / designer for the world-famous Soho Poly Theatre under the owner Verity Bargate. There I worked with playwrights, Barry Keefe [The Long Good Friday] and Glen Chandler [Taggart], as well as many famous actors including Nigel Hawthorne , Ian Charleson, Diana Quick, Lesley Manville and Philip Davis.

     After breaking into writing for BBC radio drama, I joined the BBC Television Drama Department as a script editor working on the hugely successful series ‘Howards Way’

 In 1980 I joined the legendary Leeds Theatre in Education team to design and co-create the award-winning ‘Raj’ and “Dirty Rascals’, two projects that have gone down in the annals of TIE history. Whilst at Leeds I wrote two television plays for the ITV teen series ‘Dramarama’, the first of which, ‘Rip It Up’ gave Nick Berry his first starring television role as teddy-boy Lance Boyle.
before leaving to
write scripts for
the newly created

      1998 was a special year for me, when I co-created the hit teen series 'THE TRIBE' with Cloud 9 founder Raymond Thompson.

 After ten years writing drama for all the major TV companies, I became a founder member of the UK independent company, Cloud 9, working as Head of Development, script consultant and senior writer on many television and film series, working with Hollywood legends William Shatner and  Richard ‘John Boy’ Thomas. 

               All three books are available on Amazon Paperback, in a Kindle Edition and on Smashwords and NookPress.

Someone once said that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. .

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From 1998 to 2003 I was the script consultant / script editor on five 
'Tribe' series, whose 262
episodes have been shown in over forty countries.
The series continues to have a growing worldwide fanbase.
Building on the success of ' THE TRIBE' I recently completed writing a musical stage version, 'TRIBES', to be performed by schools and youth theatres.