1988  -  EMMERDALE FARM  Soap series set in the Yorkshire Dales.  Yorkshire Television

          -  SHEEP AMONG WOLVES  2 Pilot scripts for an original drama series about an ex-                         convict turned priest.  London Weekend Television

WILLIAM SHATNER'S 'TWIST IN THE TALE'  15 x 1 hour films for television, narrated by the Hollywood legend

1987  -  BOON  Private detective series set in the Midlands.  Central Television

          -  HARD CASES  Drama series about social workers.  Central Television

REVELATIONS  15 x 30 minute dramas set in biblical times


                                                                   Head of Development and Chief Writer on the following series -

THE ADVENTURES OF THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON  A new telling of the famous story,

                 starring  Richard Thomas.   10 x 75 minute films for television

1988  -  THE BRETTS  Drama series about a theatrical family in 1930's London.  Central TV

THE ADVENTURES OF WILLIAM TELL  A supernatural, fantasy version of the tale.  

​                                                                      16 x 1 hour films for television

THE BILL  -  Police drama series.  Thames Television

                   -  THE LOCAL  3 pilot scripts for an original prison drama series.  Yorkshire TV

1985  -  EASTENDERS   World famous soap about an East End community.  BBC TV

THE NEW TOMORROW  15 x 30 sequel to `The Tribe' 

THE ENID BLYTON SECRETS SERIES  Modern day re-telling of the famous books. 

                                                                   5 x 75 minute films for television

​1985/89 - HOWARDS' WAY  Glossy drama chronicling the lives and loves of a South Coast                             sailing family.  BBC TV

RETURN TO TREASURE ISLAND  90 minute feature film about Jim Hawkins as a young man meeting his old foe Long John Silver 

1990-93  -   CORONATION STREET  The UK's longest running soap series set in working-class                             Manchester.  Granada Television

​                -    LIVING DOLLS  Pilot script for an original drama series.  Witzend Productions

1986  -  DISTRICT NURSE  Drama series based on the life of a district nurse in 1930's rural Wales.               Starring Nehrys Hughes and Freddie Jones.  BBC TV


THE ENID BLYTON ADVENTURE SERIES  A modern day version of the famous books.  

                                ​                                          8 x 75 minute films for television                                       

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THE TRIBE  Apocalyptic teen drama. Series One, Two, Three, Four and Five, totaling 262 half-hour episodes

1983-1984 - RIP IT UP

                   -  THE PURPLE PEOPLE EATER  

                      Original half-hour comedy dramas for youth television, starring Nick Berry . TVS