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About Harry Duffin British TV and Book Writer

Harry Duffin British TV and book writer

Harry Duffin, fiction book author, award winning British TV and screen writer was Head of Development at UK-independent Cloud 9. He was responsible for seven major TV series, including’Swiss Family Robinson’ starring Richard ‘John Boy’ Thomas, and ‘Twist in the Tale’ featuring William Shatner.

Harry is co-creator of the Channel 5 teen-cult drama series ‘The Tribe’, which ran for five series- 260 episodes.

Harry has written TV scripts for EastEnders, Coronation Street, Howard’s Way, Boon, The district Nurse, The Bill Emmerdale, the Brets and The purple People eater.

Harry Duffin writer for EastEnders TV drama Series
Harry Duffin writer for Emmerdale Farm TV drama Series
Emmerdale Farm
Coronation Street TV drama Series
Corronation Street
Harry Duffin writer for The Bill TV drama Series
The Bill
Harry Duffin writer for Howard's Way TV drama Series
Howards Way
Harry Duffin writer for The District Nurse TV Series
Harry Duffin writer for The District Nurse TV Series
Harry Duffin writer for Boon TV Series
Harry Duffin writer for Boon TV Series
Harry Duffin writer for The Bretts TV Series
Harry Duffin writer for The Bretts TVSeries
Harry Duffin writer for The Purple people Eater
Harry Duffin writer for The Purple people Eater
The Tribe, Birth Of The Mall Rats
The Tribe

No adults to guide, rule or protect them, the children of the world were on their own. Their task to build a New World ​in their own image…. Whatever that image may be.

‘The Tribe’ has been sold worldwide and has a growing international fan base.

The Legend of William Tell TV series
The legend of William Tell

A provocative and imaginary fantasy tale to enthrall children worldwide and indeed the entire family.

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson TV series
The Advetures of Swiss Family Robinson

Richard Thomas ( John Boy in The Waltons) heads the cast in Cloud 9’s captivating and lyrical adaptation of the timeless classic by Johann Wyss.

Return to Treasure island TV film
Return To Treasure Island

Many years have passed since the adventures of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins on the notorious Treasure Island.  Now they are destined to meet again!

The Enid Blyton Adventure Series
Enid Blyton The Adventure series

The Adventure Series is the flagship of Blyton’s impressive works which Cloud 9 has adapted for the screen and affectionately pays homage to the ‘Bond’ franchise with breathtaking action and adventure 

Atlantis High TV programme
Atlatis High

 It is the world of sunshine soaps. Perfect in tone which isn’t confined to the muscles of the hunks or shapely figures of the beach babes.

The new Tomorrow TV Series
The New Tomorrow

The New Tomorrow combines action and adventure, mystery and intrigue, humor and pathos with underlying themes of hope and human endeavor where good always triumphs in the end.

Harry's Awards and other work

1975 – THE SECRET MIDDLE A half-hour documentary film about the work of Yorkshire sculptor Austin Wright.

[Funded by the Yorkshire Arts Association. Available from the Yorkshire Film Library and on YouTube]

1981 – HUMBERSIDE THEATRE IN EDUCATION – Co-founded with Jenny Duffin. Devised and toured productions to schools in the Humberside region for 10 years

1982 – RAJ – Leeds TIE. [Theatre in Education Award]

1986/93 – WRITERS’ GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN – Member of Executive Council and Film & Television Committee

1992 – WRITERS’ GUILD DRAMA SERIES AWARD [Coronation Street]

1994 – BRITISH COUNCIL. Adviser to Kasakstan State Television on establishing an indigenous soap opera.

1996 – PAWS SCIENCE DRAMA AWARD – Collaboration with co-writer Charles Hodges

What's Harry doing now?

After a career of writing scripts for TV, Harry is currently adapting his book Chicago May into a 5 part TV series. Watch out for Chicago May on a TV near you!

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