Jail tales by Chris Duffin Ex prison Governor reveals prison life in her paperback book for sale on Amazon

Chris Duffin Book- Jail Tales prison life

As the first woman governor into HMP Strangeways and the notorious Dartmoor Prison, Governor Chris Duffin was a ground-breaker.

In ‘Jail Tales’ book she recounts some of the many stories and incidents from her twenty-year career both as a lowly ‘screw’ and as a prison governor.

Whether it’s flying out of the UK with a briefcase full of class A drugs, talking to the BBC’s John Humphries in her nightie, displaying a naked hunk’s willy on her office wall, or having Myra Hindley as her tea-lady, these tales will amuse, entertain and definitely change your view of what it’s like doing ‘porridge’.

Jail tales book available on Amazon book store

5 STARS REVIEW good book reviews from Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars Jail Tales  Telling it like it really is

Reviewed in the United Kingdom  

5.0 out of 5 stars Jail Tales Entertaining and thought provoking

Reviewed in the United Kingdom  

good read.

​I heard Chris give a talk about her career and just had to buy the book to read more. A fairly short book but full of entertaining stories and some insightful comments about the system.
Well written and I learned things that I did not know. Humanist approach and funny in places.

         I liked this book – true stories but very light hearted. Interesting.

Very entertaining stories from one of the first Lady Prison Govs! Have passed on to a good friend whose niece is training to be a prison officer, might give her a few pointers!!

          Marvellous! Amusing, sad, enlightening and thought provoking. Chris Duffin’s highly intelligent voice comes through loud and clear. She makes us hoot with laughter, while painting a vivid picture of the decline of our prison system, and the toll on the decent people like her, who tried to do their best while fighting short-sighted politicians. Bravo!

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