Harry Duffin British screen writer and author of 4 must read paperback epic books Jail Tales paperback book
Paperback books 2024 Jail tales, Chicago May, island of dreams, Mall Rats paperback book

Harry Duffin Compelling Paperback Books 2024

Harry Duffin author of 4 must read books for 2024.  Jail tales book. A writer for major captivating TV drama series he is converting his latest book into a TV Drama series.

The Head of Development at the UK-independent Cloud 9. 

 He was responsible for seven major captivating TV series, including  ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ starring Richard ‘John Boy’ Thomas, and ‘Twist in the Tale’ featuring William Shatner. 

He is co-creator of the Channel Five teen-cult drama series ‘The Tribe’, which ran for five series, numbering 260 episodes.  ‘The Tribe’ has been sold worldwide and has a growing international fan base. Based on Harry’s book


Before joining Cloud 9, Harry worked extensively in UK theatre and television, for both the BBC and ITV.

He was on the first writing team for EASTENDERS, and while writing for Granada Television’s CORONATION STREET, he won the Book Writers’ Guild Award for Best TV serial.


He is the author of 4 paperback  books, Two of which, CHICAGO MAY and ISLAND OF DREAMS books he is adapting as a TV drama series.


BIRTH OF THE MALLRATS and JAIL TALES are soon to be Audio books.



All Books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online book stores

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