Birth of the Mall Rats BOOK

Birth of the mall Rats paperback book by Author, writer Harry Duffin available at Amazon book store

Introduction to the tribe, the Birth of the Mall Rats Book

Where the virus came from no-one knew. From dark deepest space, germ warfare, or some nation’s scientific experiment gone horribly wrong? Only an intensive inquiry could answer that. But there was no-one left to hold such an inquiry. No adults anyway.

    And the children left behind were too busy surviving to worry about what had plunged them from a sophisticated hi-tech world into a primitive hell of anarchy, confusion, danger and fear.

    With no adults to guide, rule or protect them, the children of the world were on their own. 

Their task: to build a New World in their own image…Whatever that image may be…

If you’ve seen the film the book is a must read.

Birth of the Mall Rats available on Amazon books

The Tribe Birth Of The Mall Rats book by Harry Duffin Buy on Amazon


Amazon books 5 stars Harry Duffin Books


 ‘This is a fantastic accompaniment to The Tribe TV series’

‘brilliant book read in 3 evenings also brill new dawn …’

 ‘I loved the TV show and after finding out the books …’

‘Deeper insights into The Tribe’


good book, good read!’

‘brilliant good book, good read in 3 evenings also brill new dawn and new world each book I read over 3 evenings if a tribe fan well worth purchasing these make great additions to my cd,s and completes my series of dvds 1-5’

I love The Tribe, and even better, I love the book. It fills in parts that the show did not have time to develop.  good book, good read.’


‘This book is the book version of the tv series, The Tribe. A show from England I watched while we lived in Germany. It is set in a world where all the adults have died from a disease, and all that is left is kids. It is set in England somewhere, but mot sure they ever say. I always thought London.


The kids all form Tribes, in order to survive. The series follows one particular tribe named The Mallrats. They live in a mall, and that is how they came up with the name. Their biggest rival Tribe is the Locos, which is totally different than the Mallrats.

 The Mallrats are a tribe who want to do good, and they help each other, and do not cause trouble for other tribes. Where as the Locos are all about power and chaos, which is their motto.

While I knew how the Mallrats came about, it was still nice to read about how they came about. It makes you think more about things, and makes you be more imaginative, than when watching it on tv.’


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