Chicago May New York's queen of crooks paperback book

Chicago May Book by Harry Duffin

How does a 16 year-old peasant-girl, fleeing an abusive father in Ireland, chase her dream of a new glamorous life? Arriving penniless in 1919’s America, beautiful May is charmed by successful con-man, Eddie. With her new lover’s guidance, teenage May soon becomes New York’s ‘Queen of Crooks’.

But Joe, a tenacious NYDP cop, has fallen for the beautiful, feisty May and is determined to save her from herself.
In the midst of her glitzy life, Joe urges May to make the most difficult decision of her young life; a choice between a diamond-life, or a lead bullet.

Inspired by a true story.

Based on his huge experience writing drama series for TV, Harry has adapted his book, CHICAGO MAY, into a 5 part TV drama series

Amazon reviews

Amazon books 5 stars Harry Duffin Books

Beautifully written Book
This story of how, behind apparent ignorance and vulnerability, a strong intellect and courage may lie is very well written. Harry Duffin’s long experience as a screenwriter makes for vivid visual imagery, and a cast of strong characters, each well-defined and placed in this Jazz-age narrative, gives us an absorbing reading experience.

At times exciting, at times tender, at times shocking, it’s also a great love story. For while you will think that we don’t see enough of May’s internal thoughts, but stick around – she’s one hell of a woman.

Amazon books 5 stars Harry Duffin Books

Chicago May Book…  Exciting

A great read from Harry. Couldn’t put it down and I’m not normally a great reader. Can’t wait for the movie!!

Amazon books 5 stars Harry Duffin Books

Loved This One
This book is incredible. May just sixteen initially betrays her father but who wouldn’t. He wasn’t a very nice man anyway. But being just sixteen and making the bold decision to escape to get away from everything she knows in Ireland was an incredible move.

For me this was a brilliant new age to read entering New York in 1919 it gave me that feel of bugsy malone style. But being sixteen you have some huge life choices to make. Will May be good or bad or a combination of both.

The book has a bit of a love story built in as you dive into the story of May’s new life. The plot becomes so exciting you turn each page quickly and you don’t want to pause at all. You soon think what further choices will May make Eddie or Joe. The characters in this although you want to despise a few you can’t help but love them.

May’s journey becomes high speed compared to the life she left behind. She’s left with consequences that could have a damaging effect. However, will she get saved from the bad choices she continues to make. These are the questions that had me so sucked into this book.

I adored the ending. For me I haven’t had an ending leave me feeling this way for such a long time and the build up to it was brilliant.

Loved this book so much I read it twice!

I absolutely loved this book so much that I read it twice (with a few years in between), you get totally absorbed in the characters and the story is wonderful with it’s twists and turns. I would recommend it every time 10/10 .

Amazon books 5 stars Harry Duffin Books


One of my favorite books of the year! Loved it!
Duffin is so knowledgeable in his writing I was captivated by page one. I love New York and I loved May, willing her to make the right choices, but enjoying her wild and vulnerable lifestyle.
Set in the 1920s you can’t help but be swept back in time and live life alongside May. A wonderful read and a book that will stay with me for a long long time! One for the keep shelf!

Amazon books 5 stars Harry Duffin Books

Got me from page 1!
Excellent adventure story book about a young Irish girl hoping to make a new life in the America of the 1920’s. Fast paced and exciting throughout. Easy to read, hard to put down.
Would make a good film.
Full of rich colourful characters and lifestyles, made all the more thrilling by being inspired by a true story.
Sorry to have finished it!

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