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Chicago May Book – By Harry Duffin

In Chicago May Book, January 1919, a sixteen-year Irish peasant girl, May Sharpe, escapes her abusive father by stealing his savings and flees Ireland, dreaming of finding a new, glamorous life in America.

 But arriving in the harsh New York winter, May, homeless and penniless, is drawn into the criminal underworld by smooth criminal, `Society´ Eddie Young, who promises her a life of excitement and easy money.

May’s new life of crime is not about morality, it´s pragmatic. She dupes men who think she is a whore and is soon living the life of her dreams as she becomes New York’s ‘Queen of Crooks’, the top conwoman in New York.

But a young, idealistic cop, Joe Perski, tries to save her from Eddie´s influence. Joe, as quintessentially good as Eddie is dishonest, has fallen for the beautiful, feisty May and makes it his mission to `save´ her, before she finds herself in prison for life. 

latest book reviews

“Brilliantly written. At times exciting, at times tender, at times shocking. A great love story. “

“Fast paced and exciting throughout. Would make a good film.”

“A ‘can’t put down’ book that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish!!! 10/10 “

“Can’t wait for the Chicago May movie!!”

“For me I haven’t had an ending leave me feeling this way for such a long time.”

“I absolutely loved this book so much that I read it twice.”

“One of my favorite books of the year! Loved it!”

“Up there with the Penny Vincenzi’s and Jodie Picoult’s of this world for me.”

“Mr.Duffin has the capacity of bringing his characters and scenes into such a visual way that one feels one is watching a black and white movie. The characters demand to be cast.”

“A real page turner. Full of intrigue, tension, and a good deal of old-fashioned fun.”

Superb gripping story. Surely a movie in here!

“I thought it was brilliant, could not put it down.”

“I never wanted it to end! So many twists and turns which will keep you guessing all the way to the great final chapters.”

“Great story. Beautifully told. good book”

“Started this Chicago May book on a three-hour plane ride and was sorry when I had to put it down to land. The kind of book that makes you want to get to the next chapter. “

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